Dear Clients,

Due to various reasons, Wolf River Veterinary Clinic will be instituting an all-written prescription policy. 

Effective Monday, February 14, 2022, we will no longer approve prescriptions via fax, email, or have our staff call in prescriptions. Many mistakes and mishaps happen when utilizing third party groups which results in our staff spending too much time to correct these mistakes made on the part of online pharmacies. Unfortunately, some clients then choose to take out their frustrations on our staff. 

Like many other area clinics, we’ve chosen to institute this new policy in order to focus our valuable time on our most important job; caring for your pets when they need us in the clinic.

As you may know, the veterinary industry has experienced an explosion in the number of pets needing care. We continue to do our best to care for all of your pets the best way possible within our limitations.  Please be patient with us!

Prescription Request Options:

  • You may purchase the recommended full year of preventatives at one time with applicable discounts at your pet’s annual visit.
  • You may leave a message for our in clinic pharmacy as needed for any prescription. Please allow a minimum 24 hours (one business day) for these to be filled. 
  • You may use our clinic online pharmacy, controlled by Midwest Veterinary Supply, our local partner where we purchase our clinic products from directly. All of their products are guaranteed and verified to be the correct dose, size, and not counterfeit. (Many counterfeit products are sold via third party websites that may not be effective and could even harm your pet). 

To register for our online store:

  • Pet food may also be purchased directly from Purina:

If you choose to have prescriptions filled elsewhere, you may request a written prescription at the time of your pet’s appointment. Alternatively, you may request a written prescription by calling our pharmacy line and leaving a message. This prescription will be available for you to pickup within 72 hours (3 business days). You will then be responsible for filling your pet’s medicines at your pharmacy of choice; however, our staff will no longer be able to spend time negotiating through pharmacies on your behalf.

Thank you for your attention as we strive to provide the best care for all of our pets.


The Doctors and Staff of Wolf River Veterinary Clinic